G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Event

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friend from a local toy group, TOY SOLDIER requested from me an event celebrating the 25th Anniversary of G.I. JOE. thats 1982-2007. The year the cartoon series and toys emerge during our youngling days, wow! Its like im going back to grade school I use paper and boxes as my GI JOE figures and later on Mr. Santa Clause gave me a big Cobra HISS tank during Christmas and then even before that one of my relatives in the states gave me my first GI JOE figure - Torch, then my mom bought me HARDBALL figure from SM toy store.

COBRA H.I.S.S. tank, i still have this at home and now the one missing is the HISS tank pilot

wow! I can still remember it all,
and also that my classmate in UST during grades chool gave his this GI JOE part of the vehicle that looks like a anti tank.

ok here goes the ball for a triple point shot for the 25th anniversary event, I just talked to one of the biggest toy store here in Manila and they are game for the concept, but we should ask first the toy distributor on when will they release the 25th anniversary GI JOE toys, and I heard that it is one cool collectible, with new molds and it is still on its same scale size.

After Transformers..comes now GI JOE....yo joe!! cobra la la la la la.!

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