Spider, turtles and ghost riderSpider, turtles and ghost rider

Spider-man 3 new wallpaper
picture of Peter Parker, also a wallpaper for the wallcrawling er..black spidey

always check out the movie blog at http://www.sonypictures.com/movies/spiderman3/blog/

are you excited ? hehehehe..im still waiting and hoping they upload some video blog and production notes of the movie.

also yahoo! movies has uploaded the Comic Con Spider-man 3 presentation. actors and also directors video are uploaded in this link http://movies.yahoo.com/movie/1808496334/trailer

my idea on the first of the buzz I hear the news that they are making a CGI TMNT movie and then I got this image in superherohype.com and I was surprise and really like the designs. they dont look like CGI, but more mutantly characters evolve..... wow...now after TransFormers, now TMNT..whats next ? GI JOE ? GOBOTS ? My Little Pony ??

Ghost Rider movie has already a blog
and too bad that the PC here doesnt have quicktime, so i might download this and watch it at home. hmm...i have to study first the yahoo movie download video, their clips are so juicy !

but wait!!
check out V's site here

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