Happy Birthday to Comic Odyssey

photos by : Mark "Cykill Gobot" Cerbo

Comic Book Signing with John Beatty, Leinil Francis Yu, Etc.

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// I cant go there, and im at my own event at the comic seminar.
now all i need is a power of jamie madrox... huhuuhuhuh

it seems that OCTOBER is really for COMICS MONTH.

Comic Odyssey will be celebrating it’s 10th Anniversary with a signing event with John Beatty, Leinil Francis Yu, Edgar Tadeo, Mico Suayan and myself.

The event will be held on October 27, 2007, Saturday, at the 3rd Floor, Pedro Gil Wing of Robinson’s Place along Pedro Gil in Malate, Manila from 1pm to 5pm. Raffles will be held every half hour.

This is John’s second visit to the Philippines, and as many comic book fans would know, John is the legendary inker for many comic books for Marvel and DC including the very first Secret Wars, Captain America, Batman, Superman, The Nam, Spiderman, Avengers, GI Joe, Green Lantern, Justice League, Magneto, New Mutants, The Punisher, and so many more.

Leinil Francis Yu is my one time pencilling partner on many titles including Superman: Birthright, High Roads, New X-Men Annual 2001, Fantastic Four Annual 2001, Wolverine, and Silent Dragon. He’s since worked on Ultimate Hulk and Wolverine and New Avengers.

Edgar Tadeo is a very talented curly guy who has either colored or inked titles like Spawn, Iron Man, Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Captain America, and High Roads.

Mico Suayan has recently knocked people dead with his debut on Marvel’s Moon Knight.

FOR MORE INFO, PLEASE CALL: 536-8070, or email Sandy Sansolis at nixshop (at) gmail.com

Toy Review : The DTC 2005 R.H.I.N.O

review by: Hard Snake

Name: R.H.I.N.O (Rapid Heli-Integrated Neutralizing Offensive Vehicle)
Driver: Cannonball
Series: Direct-To-Consumer
Manufactured By: Hasbro (Of Course!)
Released: 2005



The R.H.I.N.O is a sports car, Hummer, and Mobile Bunker on steroids all rolled into one. Released in 2005 for the Direct-To-Consumer market that also released the R.O.C.C but there are somethings that makes this one a must have...



A two-in-one war machine because not only it does look like a mobile bunker on steroids it has a two seater helicopter.


Though the sleek look might give you goose bumps with the design of this vehicle due to its curves from a far would look better than the Tumbler from Batman Begins film.


One of the factors why the R.H.I.N.O. is no push over because its well armed to the teeth. Though not as nasty as a Rolling Thunder the R.H.I.N.O can survive an army of Hiss Tanks with his Gatling guns located at the back and the front.


Armed with two missile pods (carrying three missiles per pod) that can be attached to the Heli-Integrated vehicle. There is also another weapon attached in the rear, which actually the only spring loaded weapon.




The two-seater chopper looks like the V.E.N.O.M Switchblade that Miles Mayhem owned. Colors tailored to the base vehicle of the R.H.I.N.O this aerial back-up has the option to use the missile pods that is attached from the base vehicle as well.


Though without the pods the chopper looks bare only armed with machine gun located in the nose part similar to the real life Apache.


The other gripe I noticed that the rear propeller is molded as a solid part of the chopper.

Crew Compliment:

The R.H.I.N.O can carry 13 figures but it depends on how you position them.


Two sits at front (including the driver), and then the deployment area on the left side can carry five. In which having three seated while the two figures are standing by the doors. On the right side theres no opening so they have to be positioned standing.


At the rear right side part part theres a hatch, where someone is manned to use the Gatling gun from the rear. Inside another passenger is seated, but mostly that area is reserved for the manned trooper in the Gatling gun.


The other two are seated in the Heli-Integrated chopper (Pilot & Co-Pilot).



Cannonball is a new figure to me not familiar with the appearance, but the name was used in one of the Transformers Cybertron robots as a Decepticon Pirate.


The figure mostly painted vest in yellow and the only accessory he has is his helmet. He is like the vehicles accessory instead of the other way around.


The cool gimmick that the R.H.I.N.O have is the Heli-Integrated elevating from its seated nest slowly. You just push the button located from the rear of the vehicle.


The only gripe I noticed is that the missile pods are giving chopper a difficulty to elevate, because they are slightly blocking it. You have to remove them in order to have the chopper elevate properly.


The other gimmick is the spring loaded ramp part of the floor, which you position the figure attached to the deploy door on the right side of the vehicle.


Like in any G.I. Joe vehicle it is packaged in a normal square box design, but you only need is minor assembly like attaching the pods, missile, Gatling guns, and the rotating machine gun for the chopper.



If your just a minimalist who doesn't want a Mobile Command Center to take up space in your room, and would like to assemble your own troop this is vehicle for you.

I give this a perfect FIVE FLAG POINTS. ;D


Special thanks to Pilgrim Paladin who bought this from Saggie.
Actually He (Pilgrim) did not take this home to his place in Makati, because of the limited space there.

So he ask me to take it home and I was the one who opened it. Finally have this review what supposed to be a surprise for Pilgrim Paladin.

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Inquirer.net Hackenslash feat. GI JOE 25th Anniversary event

wow! I almost cried seeing this coverage, and theres more coming from Hero TV and Rush TV.


TWENTY-FIVE years ago, an army of Americans invaded the Philippines with guns a-blazing, tanks, choppers and attack boats. But they weren’t here to take over the country but to show how it is to be a real Joe.

Anyone who’s more than 20 years old now would remember G.I. Joe, a US military-themed cartoon series that first ran from 1982 to 1994 in the US. It was about the battle between the heroic G.I. Joes and the international terrorist group called Cobra. It was similar to the cartoon series and toy line Transformers, only there were about a hundred more characters and dozens of vehicles that came with it. This meant that parents of young boys back then had a bigger nightmare of having to subdue their kids from asking to buy the next character or vehicle from the TV series.

READ MOERE AT Yo, Joe!’ at G.I. Joe anniversary

video coverage

Description:MANDALUYONG CITY, Philippines--Azrael Coladilla, organizer of the G.I. Joe 25th anniversary celebrations in the Philippines, talks about the G.I. Joe franchise and its impact on fans and collectors all over the world. Video taken by INQUIRER.net reporter Alex Villafania at Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas Center on October 13, 2007.

GI JOE 25th Anniversary event - Video Coverage

here's the video coverage

Comics and Manga Day 2007 in Powerbooks Megamall

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October 20, 2007


featuring artists in the field of comics and manga.
-panel discussions
-signings and autographs with the artists
- raffle prizes - seminar tickets, original artworks, comics and more..
- comics and art lectures
-portfolio reviews
-art shows and exhibits
-drawing exhibition
and more !

Also we will be giving free tickets to the 5th Annual Manila Comics Seminar for October 27-28 in Megatrade Conference Center, SM Megamall.

Just present to us your portfolio in person or in email. Free tickets will be awarded to artists who submitted their portfolios as selected by David Campiti.

for portfolio submission send it to David@glasshousegraphics.com

or come this Saturday at the event, for a one on one portfolio review with David Campiti and the GHG artists.

-- more details coming tonight.

for info or inquiries about this event.
you can email me at azrael@glasshousegraphics.com

This is in line with the Arts and Literature month of Powerbooks
and the 5th Annual Manila Comics Creation Seminar

brought to you by:
Glass House Graphics
Studio Sakka

website - www.glasshousegraphics.com and www.glasshousegraphics.com/seminar

manga art page by : Lua Bueno Cyriaco
Iron Man art by : Harvey Tolibao

GI JOE 25th Anniversary event - LIVE WEBCAM EVENT

GI JOE 25th Anniversary event - live internet webcam coverage

live internet webcam coverage

GI JOE 25th Anniversary event at Toys R Us this October 13, 2007

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Come and celebrate with us the 25th year of heroism, courage, honor and freedom.

Toy Soldiers 1:18 and Toy's R Us presents - The G.I. Joe 25th Anniversary Manila Celebration
A big celebration for the 25th year that started the legacy and battle between G.I. Joe and Cobra since 1982.

For 2007, we relive the adventure and regroup with the G.I. Joe for battling evil world dominators. Be

amazed on the high tech weaponry and vehicles of Cobra. Hunt for the answers of the mystery surrounding with

the characters of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. Ride your bikes and have a party with the Dreadnoks. Win a

date with Scarlet and the Baroness. Take a nuclear chemical lesson with Dr. Mindbender. Scream "Yo Joe!" with

Duke or shout "Retreat" with Cobra Commander. Do you still want to know Destro's phone number?

Then come and join with us this October 13, 2007 at 10AM-7PM, inside Toy's R US, top level of Robinson's

Galeria. Grab your gear, lock and load, for the biggest come back of G.I. Joe in our hearts.

And check out these amazing contest and activities that we created for you.

Join the panels with the fans and members of Toy Soldiers 1:18 and other toy groups for a discussion about

G.I. Joe, about the figure, the animation, the comics and the upcoming live action movie. Also about sharing

their tips on collecting the toy line.

1. Anyone can join the contest
2. Contestants must draw an original version of character of GI JOE or COBRA
3. The contest is on the spot drawing, we will be providing drawing materials at the event

1. Who ever answer corrects trivia questions will win
2. Contestants must go infront with the emcee to answer the question.

1. Color the GI JOE characters

1. Shout if you're a GI JOE or Cobra
2. The best and creative shout one liner will win!

1. Contestants will guess and name the GI JOE character that will appear on screen.
2. Comic images and toys will be the basis for the guessing name game
3. One winner with the most numbered correct answers will win.

GI JOE – COBRA enlistment contest
1. The most numbered enlistment on one faction will win !
2. The enlistment will start from 10am-6pm
3. Visitors must enlist and choose which faction they will join

1. Bring one figure at the event.
2. Choose a best pose for your figure.
3. The most dramatic, creative pose diorama will win.

so Mark your calendar!

October 13, 2007
Toy's R Us
Robinson's Galeria

This event is organized by Toy's R Us and Toy Soldiers 1:18 (G.I. Joe and Military Action figure group)

To join our club simply visit these sites for info.

for inquries and info email us at gijoeph@gmail.com

GI JOE 25th Anniversary event - Ingress

pics from the ingress..
no news yet for the new stocks.
but TRU says that sometimes the stocks will arrived at 10am

lets just hope meron



more ingress photos here