Dig Deep Entertainment and Walter Mcdaniel at TOYCON

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Digger T. Mesch

Artist- Director – Visionary – the award winning New York City artist founded the U.S.A design house Art Asylum in 1996. Fighting for artistic credit in an industry where all talent operated in virtual anonymity. Forever changing the system as we know it, today artists across America now receive credit for their work thanks to his tenacity and passion.

In 2001 and 2002, Digger was ranked in Cinescape magazine's "Power 100" of the most influential personalities on science fiction and entertainment alongside the likes of George Lucas, Steven Speilberg, James Cameron and Steven King.

After years of working creatively with the lukes of Marvel Entertainment, Lucas Film, Warner Brothers, Paramount, Clive Barker, Kevin Eastman, Ozzy Osbourne, Kiss, Rob Zombie, and a slew of other world renowned entities Art Asylum was sold to diamond Select Toys in 2007. Digger's new brain child Dig Deep Entertainment was formed this year in Hong Kong,

As known for his persona as his art, Digger has acted in a host of films including Ultraviolet, The Counting House, The Twins Effect, Heat Team, as well as voice acting for X-men/Dark Tide other animation and film.

Dig Deep Entertainment is dedicated to creating works of art in various mediums as well as proprietary entertainment for film and television. Now involved in the production of 2 upcoming live action films, developing his original content, designing limited edition maquettes wuth Marvel Entertainment and writing his first screenplay to prepare for his directional debut, Digger continues to break rules, inspire new ideas and fornicate shamelessly with the spirit o the future.

Yuri Timg

Born in Peru and raised in New York City, Yuri was educated at the "FAME" high school and The School of Visual Arts. Honing his skills as a master illustrator and comic artist he worked freelance for 10 years on a multitude of commercial projects.

In 2004, he moved to Asia and was hired by Art Asylum Hong Kong. Here he contributed his great talents on designs for Minimates, Lord of the Rings, Marvel Comics, Star Trek, Batman, Clive Barkers Jump Tribe, and more.

Yuri now has joined forces with Dig Deep Entertainment. His fierce artistic passion dedicated to Dig Deep's new intellectual properties for film, television and elite products. He is currently working on storyboarding and production design for the upcoming UK/HK action film A New Beginning as well as great many super limited Asia exclusive Marvel Comics statue lines!

Yuri Timg is a dedicated Martial Artist as well and studies Wing Chun and Arnis religiously alongside his commercial art achievements.

Walter A. McDaniel

This hyper creative talent was born in the St. Thomas Virgin Islands and grew up on the mean streets of New York Cities West Harlem. Striving throughout his entire childhood to make his mark one day in the art world.

His rise to notoriety in the comic world began right out of the gate following his education at the School of Virtual Arts. Sought after by all the comic giants, Walter went on to work with Marvel, DC, and Image Comics as well as his own independent projects.

His list of title accomplishments include Spiderman, Wolverine, X-men, Deadpool, Batman, Shadowhawk and the Pact just to name a few! He currently holds the license for Mortal Combat comics as well as his own intellectual property Kodai Djinns for film television, video games and product.

In addition to comics, he's founding father of WAM entertainment. A company dedicated to riginal content and servicing toy industry. His international team has contributed to Hot Wheels, GI JOE, Star Wars, and Transformers.

Walter McDaniel is now based in Hong Kong and is putting the final touches on his ground breaking entertainment property Kodai Djinns!

Credits :

Marvel Comics
Deadpool 14-23
Wolverine Annual 1
Punisher (back to school special)
Deathlock 16-25
Gambit Annual 1
Kazar Annual 1
Spider-man issue 255-258
Captain America

DC Comics
Lobo Annual
Batman (Jokers last laugh 3)

Image Comics
Shadow Hawk special 1
Shadow Hawk 13
Pact series 1-3

Hasbro (GI Joe toys, Valor Vs. Venom)
Mattel (Hot Wheels highway 25)

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